Wall Inlet

  • Wall inlet is available in ABS.
  • Direction of flow into pool is easily controlled by adjusting the “Eyeball” which features a safety grille to prevent children’s prying fingers.
  • BY adjusting the direction of flow, heating and chemical dispersion is made easier.
  • Recommended flow 5mᶟ/h
Code.Product Description
HD53C1.5”Eyeball inlet –ABS – 5 mᶟ/hr
HD52C1.5”Eyeball inlet with internal slip fit PN10 – ABS – 5 mᶟ/hr
CKSS3181.5”Eyeball inlet –SS 35mm long – 4.5 mᶟ/hr
CKSS3191.5”Eyeball inlet –SS 70mm long – 4.5 mᶟ/hr
HD50151.5”Adjustable inlet –ABS – 5 mᶟ/hr
CK50151.5”Chrome on brass adjustable inlet – 5 mᶟ/hr
HD5022”Adjustable inlet –ABS – 5 mᶟ/hr
CK5021.5”Chrome on brass adjustable inlet – 9 mᶟ/hr
HD53L1.5”Eyeball inlet –ABS – 5 mᶟ/hr – Liner pools


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